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Goal 3333 tk NAKED @GOAL

Its ida time! Please watch at 720p to sync audio :)

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- Be polite, dirty talk only in tipnote - No demands without tip - No advertising - Don't ask what type of Asian I am
About me
Hey guys, my name is Ida. I'm here to have fun and love talking with my peeps :) So if you guys join in my room let's talk. I won't bite! I love dancing, working out, going to the beach and wearing a sexy bikini. I also love watching anime and reading comics, it's my dream to do cosplay. I'm a lonely girl in a big city. Currently in the USA. I just need people who want to be my family. So join Ida's Fam and I promise I will be a good girl hehe.
My Schedule
Usually I am online for 3-4 hours 5-6 days a week starting ~12am EST